Thursday, January 18, 2018
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One thought on “We Are Looking For A DJ

  1. My name is Pontus “Deejay P-Mix” Hogberg.
    I’m a professional DJ / Producer / Song Designer and Composer

    Have worked as a DJ for Clubs and parties for 35 years.
    I started my DJ career 3 May 1982 on a Student party in Stockholm.

    Have continuously played these years,
    and today I’m one of the most experienced DJ in the World.
    And Sweden’s most experienced DJ ever.
    I’m very proud of that.

    I have been DJ in Sweden, Spain Greece, and Thailand.

    I have lived in Thailand for the past 8 years and live in Phuket right now.
    Have played in the biggest clubs in Thailand,
    and played 5-6 days a week.

    And now I looking for new challenge in my life.
    I see this work in China som make me interested.
    And I have played for so many Chinese customers here in Phuket.
    And they like what I do.

    My visa in Thailand goes out the beginning of next months.
    so am ready to go.

    or if you do not have China another place is ok too.
    But need to know fast.
    So not need renew my visa.

    Deejay P-Mix

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