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JONATHAN FOREST, Founder & CEO of Blast Productions

JONATHAN FOREST, Founder & CEO of Blast Productions

Hello everyone,
As founder & CEO of Blast Productions, I would like to thank you for the interest you have shown in our company by visiting our website.

My name is Jonathan Forest, I am from Montreal – Canada. I have always been passionate about music. I began my interest in guitar playing as a little kid. At the age of fifteen, I was leading a band and started performing live in festivals and clubs in the city of Montreal.

While refining my skills in guitar playing, I later graduated with a degree in Jazz Music Interpretation. During and after my studies, I coordinated events and performed in several hundred shows, traveling throughout Canada and playing for audiences of more than ten thousand people.

While performing for over 45,000 listeners, I was presented with opportunities to work with some of Canada’s most well-known artists. I was inspired to use the business skills and the experience I gained to manage a band which would perform on the international scene. This endeavor led me to travel to over 10 different countries and entertain audiences in five-star hotels all over the world.

Throughout the years, I connected with hundreds of musicians, met thousands of people around the globe and was offered various business opportunities.

I realized just how many incredibly talented musicians were out there and that there was actually a gap in this market for a company which specializes in the live entertainment business for five-star hotels and international club chains.

Blast Productions has been developing, managing and booking live bands and other entertainment acts ever since. Uniquely talented individuals, regrouped together to perform for and entertain audiences with unparalleled fervor!:) The company has thus acquired an extensive expertise and recognition in the entertainment business.

I would like to thank all the wonderful people I have had the chance to work with and special thanks to my family who always encouraged me.
Please visit our website again to see what new features we have added.

You are always welcome!


General Manager & CEO | Blast Productions Limited

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